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Screen Cleaning Gadget | TV Cleaner | Mobile Cleaner

GB203-Gizmobaba Computer TV Mobile Screen Cleaning Gadget...

The Gizmobaba Screen Cleaning Gadget can be used on all kinds of screens, including televisions, LCD Screens, Computer monitors, Mobile screens, Laptops, Tablets and all other screens and also keyboards, and other accessories. 
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USB Fan | LED Fan | Mobile Fan

GB179(B)-Gizmobaba Programmable Message USB FAN Gadget. S...

It’s an awesome fan to keep on your desktop to display inspirational message or instructions or have fun with friends. Great gift for kids too! Bright LED will display the message. 
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Car Accessories | Car Mat | Anti Slip Mat | Sticky Mat Gadget

GB164-Gizmobaba Car Anti Slip Mat Gadget. SEE VIDEO!

Just keep this high quality silicone magic mat on your car dashboard. Now place anything on the mat, be it your mobile phone, keys, pen, lighter, sunglasses, coins just ANYTHING. It won't fall off! Just like magic!
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Car Ionizer | Car Freshner | Car Accessories

GB47(B)-Gizmobaba New Mini Car Auto Fresh Air Purifier Io...

This is the most amazing gizmo for your car! Simply plug it into your 12V cigarette lighter socket and say goodbye to bad odours, smells, smoke, dust and breathe clean air! You don't need an air freshener! Air fresheners only add perfume to the air and hide the cause of the bad smells. This ionizer takes away the cause of the smells and odours!
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GB163-Gizmobaba Selfie Stick for Camera, Apple, An

GB163-Gizmobaba Selfie Stick for Camera, Apple, Android M...

Everyone who has a mobile phone should have a Gizmobaba Selfie Stick! Get the latest Selfie Stick + Bluetooth Remote with a Gizmobaba Warranty!
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GB159-Gizmobaba 2.1A Dual USB Car Charger with LED

GB159-Gizmobaba 2.1A Dual USB Car Charger with LED Light

With so many power hungry gadgets, we all need multiple USB charging outlets. Gizmobaba brings you a DUAL USB Car Charger, so you can charge 2 gadgets at the same time!
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GB155-Gizmobaba 10g-50Kg Handy Size Weight Scale G

GB155-Gizmobaba 10g-50Kg Handy Size Weight Scale Gadget. ...

A handy weight scale scale gadget for your home, kitchen or for travel! Weigh from 10grams upto 50kg.
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GB131-Gizmobaba Motion Detector Sensor Enabled LED

GB131-Gizmobaba Motion Detector Sensor Enabled LED Night ...

The Gizmobaba Motion Sensor Controlled Night LED Light switches on AUTOMATICALLY when it senses motion. Just move in front of it and it switches on! The coolest thing about this amazing gadget is that it knows when it's day time so it won't waste energy turning on. It only turns on when you move in the dark!
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GB172-Gizmobaba Super Soft Neck Shoulder Massager

GB172-Gizmobaba Super Soft Neck Shoulder Massager Pillow ...

Use it when you are tired after a hard days work. Or when you want to relax in the office, train or car. Use it at home when you have tea/coffee in the morning. Use it to sleep comfortably on a flight or train journey!
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GB160-Gizmobaba 2x3W Rechargeable Bluetooth Speake

GB160-Gizmobaba 2x3W Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Cum S...

Gizmobaba brings you a Double Speaker Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker for your music, or to use as a hands free for your calls. 2 x 3W speakers gives you a louder volume, and the speaker can also be used as a sound dock. 
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SPY Camera | IP Camera | WebCam | GB149

GB149-Gizmobaba FULL HD Spy MiniDV Wi-Fi SPY IP CAMERA Ga...

Gizmobaba brings you the most amazing Ultra Mini Size Spy IP Camera Gadget that you can monitor from anywhere in the world!
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GB110-Gizmobaba Sports Car Shaped Wireless USB Mou

GB110-Gizmobaba Sports Car Shaped Wireless USB Mouse. Wor...

An amazing sports car shape wireless mouse for your computer. It comes with a small USB adaptor. Just plus the adaptor to your computer and you are ready to go!
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