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Feast your eyes at our modern Keychain Gizmos collection. These products are not only functional as ordinary key chains, they also offer many cool and practical benefits. Have a look at what's in store for you in this wonderful page.

There are so many functions offered by our digital projection LED clock keyring. It looks like a sleek keychain and it conceals a LED projector that shows you the time if you point it on a clear surface. Isn't that impressive? Of course, you have more cool gadgets to explore here. Check out a lovely white and red anti-theft anti-lost keyring, key finder locator that wants to be found just by whistling if you lose sight of it. It's something you give to your spouse or your son so he will not lose his car keys ever again.

For the parents out there who want to ensure that their children are living healthy, they can order an alcohol breath tester keychain. It does exactly what it promises to do and you can impose more discipline at home with this awesome device. These wide array of key chain designs and their various functionalities compose this amazing selection of products like Handy pocket size hanging luggage weight scale, mini solar powered rechargeable LED Flash light torch keyring, LCD Tyre pressure gauge keychain. Don't miss the opportunity of owning these practical gizmos for your family and even as gifts to your friends.