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Here at Gizmobaba, we showcase innovation. We let you explore an incredible experience. For our MP3 Gizmos key product, we present the Magic Box!

This box is a top-notch modern speaker that heightens your musical immersion to a whole new level. It's portable, hassle free to use and pure genius. No wires, no blue tooth and no file drives necessary. All you need is to put your iphone or ipad on top of it and voila! Your songs sound phenomenal!

Here's a mystery that wants to be solved. The keyword is induction. With a modern built-in induction technology, this device converts electric waves to create higher volume and more defined music. Just by putting a music device on top of the Magic Box, it amplifies the sound and makes it more pleasing to the listeners. Your road trips, picnics and house parties will never be the same again with this ultra-cool gadget!

You can even use it in your office, at the park or even at the hospital. Just carry it on your bag and take it anywhere you like. Have you ever seen a magic product like this? It's very cheap and will not leave a dent on your wallet. This Magic Box is a must-have! Buy it now before it disappears.