Fake/Duplicate Gizmobaba Products on Amazon.in

Dear Gizmobaba Customers,

It has come to our notice that unauthorized and unscruplous sellers are selling Fake/Duplicate products on Amazon.in using the Gizmobaba trademark.

The products pretend to be Gizmobaba products, and you will find Gizmobaba in the item title as well as the brand. However, the sellers are not an authorized reseller. These products ARE NOT GENUINE GIZMOBABA PRODUCTS. They neither carry the Gizmobaba branding, hologram or warranty cards nor any guarantee of any kind. 

We are receiving many such fakes in our service center eveyrday for warranty support and are unable to help as these are substandard duplicate items and not Genuine Gizmobaba products.

We have escalated this issue to the Management at Amazon.in however they have refused to co-operate, and AMAZON.in is KNOWINGLY allowing the fakes to be sold even after being intimated. 

We request our customers to buy genuine Gizmobaba products only on www.gizmobaba.com as we will not be able to extend warranty support for fake Gizmobaba items purchased from Amazon.in

Imitation is the best form of flattery, and we thank Amazon.in for flattering us by selling our fakes, but we request them not to dilute our brand by doing the same.

Dear Customers, we thank you for your support in making Gizmobaba India's no.1 Gadget brand!

Amazon.in, this is our official request to stop selling our fakes on your platform.

Buy ORIGINAL and GENUINE Gizmobaba products only from Gizmobaba.com