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GB134(B)-Gizmobaba WaxVac Vacuum Ear Cleaner Gadget! SEE VIDEO!

: Gizmobaba

Doctors everywhere warn against use of earbuds. Stop using earbuds and buy the Gizmobaba WaxVac ear vacuum cleaner today!

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All doctors will warn you about the harmful effects of using earbuds to clean your ears. Earbuds push the wax and dirt deeper into the ear and can cause ear damage. Gizmobaba brings you a fantastic gadget that sucks out loose ear wax, dirt and water using a vacuum technology instead of pushing it inside. Extremely simple and safe to use. Can be used on children too!


The Gizmobaba WaxVac Ear Cleaner Gadget is the safe and effective way to clean your ears. The gentle suction draws loose wax, dirt particles and moisture out of the ear canal. The unique safety guide prevents the tip from entering too far inside the ear canal. Features a poweful examining light on the back side f the gadget. You can open the unit to clean after use. 


Note: Ear wax is produced by glands in the ear canal. It's purpose is to trap dust and other small particles and prevent them from reaching, and potentially damaging or infecting the eardrum. Over time, the wax dries up and falls off inside the ear canal, along with any trapped dust or debris. Only this loose ear wax should be removed. Ear wax that is still stuck on your ear canal is for your protection. DO NOT scrape this ear wax and remove it. 


The cordless design of this product makes it convenient for traveling. Say goodbye to cotton swabs and earbuds forever!


Battery: Requires 2 AA batteries. Not included. We recommend use of Alkaline batteries for best effect.


This unit comes with 8 silicon ear tips, so upto 8 members of your family can use this gadget! The ear tips are washable and re-usable.

WaxVac cleaner
8 pcs. Silicon Ear Tips
1 Cleaning brush


Caution: DO NOT use this gadget if you have a perforated eardrum. If you have aperforated or ruptured eardum, you will know because your ear will be in a lot of pain.


Do not use if you have any pain in the ear or any ear infection.


If the unit causes any pain or discomfort, discontinue use.




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